Enterprise Integration Implemented as Requested

When it comes to Enterprise Integration solutions, you won’t find many companies that match Skytizens expertise and experience integrating such leading open technology platforms as Alfresco.  Our comprehensive approach to holistic implementation sets our services apart while bringing your systems seamlessly together; improving your operational efficiency, enhancing your customer experience, increasing your productivity and profitability, and maintaining your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Alfresco Enterprise Integration Services

Businesses use many different software systems and applications in combination on a daily basis, and every user in every department has their own combination preference. Skytizens offers accessible tools designed for most applications, and for all users, so your business can minimize redundancy and streamline workflows.

Solutions for Enterprise Integration Include:

  • Business Intelligence

  • Alfresco SAP Integrations

  • E-Commerce Integrations

  • ERP Systems Integrations

  • CRM Systems Integrations

  • Non-Invasive Portal Integrations

  • Alfresco Email Client Integrations

  • JDBC Direct Integrations with Database

  • Custom Integrations using RESTful and SAP API

  • Access Protocols Integrations:

Alfresco Integration Experts

Skytizens integration experts have experience with most business platforms and systems and have the technical skills to seamlessly integrate Alfresco with your favorite. Even with the added complexity of integrating Alfresco into multiple legacy systems currently in use, with our Skytizens comprehensive system assessment you can be assured the right solution will be delivered.

  • Many years’ experience and specialization in Alfrescso systems customized integrations
  • Seamless connectivity between platforms and applications, both internal and external
  • Regular enterprise functions simplified and designed with intuitive user interactions
  • Productivity increased with department integrations; administrative, operational, and support, etc.

Alfresco Integrations Business Benefits

Alfresco Enterprise Integration allows organizations to leverage their combined human and technological capital within a simplified centralized architecture by directly connecting everyone with everything. Users can address routine information needs faster and easier by eliminating redundancy bottlenecks, giving them more time to focus on critical content and processes.

  • Stay ahead of competition with comprehensive information visibility, allowing for better informed decision making
  • Reduce wasted energy in transfer and conversion of unstructured data across antithetically formatted systems
  • Secure organizational and customer data with integrated universal protocols and encryption methods

Alfresco Professional Services Capabilities

Skytizens offers services that cover the entire Alfresco digital spectrum of transformation processes to modernize and meet constantly changing business and market requirements.

Development & Customization
Alfresco Development & Customization

Enterprise Integration

Alfresco Enterprise Integration

Content Migration
Alfresco Content Migration

Process Management
Alfresco Business Process Management

Document Automation

Alfresco Document Automation

Business Consulting
Alfresco Business Consulting

Alfresco Digital Transformation
Alfresco Digital Transformation

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How to start an Enterprise Integration project with us?

Utilizing Skytizens expertise is a cooperative process.

Enterprise Integration is an absolute necessity with all the vital business systems now commonly in use. Begin the requirements gathering process by contacting Skytizens and we will work to determine your organizations integration capabilities and document the identified specifications. During the requirements gathering process we will require clarifications of what you are expecting from the integration and what type of system API is in use. This ensures we only offer precisely the solution you are asking for. We determine your aesthetic and technical preferences to design a deliverable solution exactly as you envisioned.

What defines an Enterprise Integration project price?

Project cost is dependent on complexity, scope, and time.

An Alfresco Enterprise Integration cost estimate is determined after gathering requirements and working together on your needs with a comprehensive consultation. Integration costs will depend on operating systems interoperability, database engines configured roles, protocols across API systems, and most importantly, client communication. We will narrow down the scope of the project to fit your budget with a deliverable solution designed exactly as you envisioned. We have a wide range of technological expertise and a sophisticated skills set built on many specializations, so we can tackle projects of any scale, however, the larger the project complexity and scope, the greater the cost.

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There’s never been a better time to build a successful Alfresco practice with Skytizens. The demand for the Alfresco ECM platform is growing exponentially. Our customers are constantly finding new business problems they need to solve.