Accurate and Effective Document Processing

Accurate documents are critical to success. Skytizens knows that generating and distributing documents can take significant human resource time and often contain incomplete task fields or user routes. The workflow processes define the documents required, and the documents processes define the workflow route. With Alfresco document automation services you can add logic to your document creation and build remarkably complex workflows and document assemblies.

Intuitive Document Automation

Alfresco solutions to document processing rely on transformation of redundant organizational documents to intelligent templates and using those templates for consistently accurate results. With Skytizens this automated document process is intuitive and uncomplicated.

  • Set up advanced templates with personalized design and logic based expansions for simple user development
  • Users are able to quickly create highly complex documents using newest version dynamic templates
  • Automatic extraction of key terms from key fields to generate rich, easily understood analytics
  • Extraction of key dates from documents, recording them and setting reminders and sending notifications automatically

Consistent Workflow Uniformity

With Alfresco Document Automation the process for routing and document lifecycle workflow assignment are managed with automated consistency. Skytizens gives you the tools to predetermine the flow process with centralized administration accessible from any device or location.

  • Documents from previous or retired templates will automatically be updated to newest templates
  • Reduction of document processing complexity means less chance of human error
  • Document deployment using business logic ensures consistently accurate data
  • Leverage document automation features to create accurately routed workflows

Do you still draft every document manually?
Design and use your own document automation templates instead.

Alfresco template automation is powerful technology for document process improvement, not only is it quick to implement but also intuitive to use.

Alfresco Document Automation Experts

Skytizens Automation experts have many years’ experience using intelligent documents applications and deployment of advanced workflows with enterprise level integrations, including documents, records, cases, and transactions management. It is more than just the proper implementation of Alfresco document products and services but also the application dependability that makes Skytizens a truly valuable partner.

  • Robust API for integration with most CRM and DMS systems with spreadsheet import supported, including Excel
  • Batch generation, data extraction, and document migration allow for best practices management
  • Ensure strict levels of governance and quality assurance in compliance and legal departments
  • Automated conditional text, variable text, multiple text sets, and data sets builds

Alfresco Document Automation Benefits

Alfresco lets you automate and streamline document creation workflows based on user defined objectives in order to build complex documents and even more complex document assemblies. Skytizens solutions allows for minimal data entry, reduced proof and editing, and reduced potential liabilities from document errors.

  • Less time spent on routine tasks increases efficiency and lowers operating costs
  • Ability to ensure strict governance and quality assurance for complex documents
  • General users can only access most recent template version while admins can modify newer versions
  • Reduction of document processing complexity means less chance of human error

Alfresco Professional Services Capabilities

Skytizens offers services that cover the entire Alfresco digital spectrum of transformation processes to modernize and meet constantly changing business and market requirements.

Development & Customization
Alfresco Development & Customization

Enterprise Integration
Alfresco Enterprise Ingratiation

Content Migration
Alfresco Content Migration

Process Management
Alfresco Business Process Management

Document Automation

Alfresco Document Automation

Business Consulting
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Alfresco Digital Transformation
Alfresco Digital Transformation

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How to start a Document Automation project with us?

Utilizing Skytizens expertise is a cooperative process.

Document automation is ubiquitous in the business world for streamlining tasks with advanced powerful AI solutions to automatically compare documents, recognize content, classify and sort information. Your request for information will begin the requirements gathering process and will start the process of highlighting opportunities that will result in greatest improvements. During the requirements gathering process we will clarify the automation types from neural networks, setting properties, folder sorting, QR and barcode reading, and much more. This ensures we only offer precisely the solution you are asking for. We determine your aesthetic and technical preferences to design a deliverable solution exactly as you envisioned.

What defines a Document Automation project price?

Project cost is dependent on complexity, scope, and time.

Alfresco Document Automation cost is determined after gathering requirements and working together with a comprehensive consultation. Automation costs will depend on number of templates the variations in combination with data needs, the types of document requirements, and the amount of flexibility you have in those requirements.

We will narrow down the scope of the project to fit your budget with a deliverable solution designed exactly as you envisioned. We have a wide range of technological expertise and a sophisticated skills set built on many specializations, so we can tackle projects of any scale, however, the larger the project complexity and scope, the more time will be required.

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There’s never been a better time to build a successful Alfresco practice with Skytizens. The demand for the Alfresco ECM platform is growing exponentially. Our customers are constantly finding new business problems they need to solve.