Grand Development And Customized Solutions

What you require is what we develop, together. Skytizens, with the Alfresco development service, collaborates with you to choose a solution from all possible selections to best fulfill your needs. Skytizens tailored, custom software solutions enable you to automate your business, supercharge your workforce, engage your customers, and ensure compliance in a system built exactly how you want.

Skytizens and Alfresco Business Integrations

With Alfresco development services by Skytizens you are provided the highest level professional advice and guidance for a customized unique solution; with your industry standards, organizational structure, and individual user characteristics all taken into account. We work closely and continuously with you on a comprehensive assessment of your business and IT needs, and then build a flexibly designed proof of concept prototype model according to your exact desired requirements.

  • Complete integration with other technologies and systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Data migration and process transfers from other systems into Alfresco or to your legacy system
  • Deployment and system development management with seamless user interface and user experience design
  • Collaboration and communication with current team for assured requirement completion within specified time frame

Business Analysis and Development Planning

Proper requirements gathering procedures are implemented from the very beginning of development, with a systematic in-depth analysis of system capabilities and various resource assets, and the needs of all stakeholders in the project. The business team and the IT team work with the Alfresco architect by Skytizens, and all of us work with your team to build consensus of workflow at every stage of development and implementation.

  • Dedicated coordinator; Skytizens System Development Manager assigned specifically to your organization
  • Business and technology analysis combined to ensure the system will succeed financially as well as technically
  • Resource analysis of planned feature development ensures a started project becomes a finished project
  • Data retention and data classification policies are mapped out for order of operations applications

Business Analysis is just the beginning of the process, we will also provide:

Benefits For Your Business With Our Alfresco Development

The Alfresco based enterprise suite of services by Skytizens makes no compromises in document management solution development. We have application solutions of every size, for any system improvement, in any aspect, with Alfresco development and implementation at the core.

  • Skytizens is the perfect option for smart modern software authorized to arrange multi-level corporate content
  • Alfresco solutions tremendously improve ECM and BPM symbiosis by providing the favorable circumstances for collaboration of distributed teams
  • Highest level structuring, organizing, and restructuring to accelerate critical key points of focused development
  • Alfresco developers will undertake even the most challenging custom development projects

Alfresco Professional Services Capabilities

Skytizens offers services that cover the entire Alfresco digital spectrum of transformation processes to modernize and meet constantly changing business and market requirements.

Development & Customization
Alfresco Development & Customization

Enterprise Integration
Alfresco Enterprise Ingratiation

Content Migration
Alfresco Content Migration

Process Management
Alfresco Business Process Management

Document Automation

Alfresco Document Automation

Business Consulting
Alfresco Business Consulting

Alfresco Digital Transformation
Alfresco Digital Transformation

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How to start a Development and Customization project with us?

Utilizing Skytizens expertise is a cooperative process.

There are two types of project possibilities; pre-built ready solutions and Development & Customization solutions. If you are needing the latter then contact the Skytizens experts with your specific request and the requirements gathering process will be initiated. This process begins prior to the proposal and will highlight your organizations integration capabilities and document the identified specifications. During the requirements gathering process we will require clarifications of your object structures, channels, end-points, handlers, services, and systems in use. This ensures we only offer precisely the solution you are asking for. We determine your aesthetic and technical preferences to design a deliverable solution exactly as you envisioned.

What defines a Development and Customization project price?

Project cost is dependent on complexity, scope, and time.

A Development and Customization price is determined after gathering requirements and working together on your needs with a comprehensive consultation. Costs will depend on the complexity level of solutions needed and the utility and individual module configurations of each application; most importantly the initial configurations, a configuration of system parameters, and the securities configurations. We will narrow down the scope of the project to fit your budget with a deliverable solution designed exactly as you envisioned. We have a wide range of technological expertise and a sophisticated skills set built on many specializations, so we can tackle projects of any scale, however, the larger the project complexity and scope, the more time will be required.

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There’s never been a better time to build a successful Alfresco practice with Skytizens. The demand for the Alfresco ECM platform is growing exponentially. Our customers are constantly finding new business problems they need to solve.