Odoo believes in making organizations better one great ERP application at a time

Business software should cover all your complex needs without being complicated. It should be an enjoyable and smooth experience designed for seamless adoption by users. Odoo offers this with a modern and stylish technical design within a unique framework that is intuitive, tightly integrated, and effortless to upgrade. Odoo allows organizations of any size to manage a first rate platform that has applications scalable and flexible enough for any applications to be added according organizational growth, adding one great application at a time as needs evolve and customer base grows.

Odoo Review

“Visionary Business Platform with modular support for a vast number of business models.”

“Today, Odoo comes with more than 35 highly integrated business modules such as Financial Accounting, CRM, Social Media, Manufacturing, Event Management, and many more. Business focused standard configuration and technical openness result unbeatable time-to-market of Odoo implementations. “

Fully Functional

Skytizens ensures the Odoo family of applications from development to staging to deployment all work together in full functionality to give your business the ability to automate and track all your ERP system modules from a centralized, online platform tightly integrated with GitHub. Odoo offers enterprise grade release cycles and can be stationed on premises or in cloud with PaaS + laaS full stack out of the box and accessible from anywhere with any device.

  • Leverage thousands of developers with the largest ecosystem of fully integrated business applications.
  • Single platform built for running your business with integrated applications that are kept simple.
  • Staging servers in series as a regular practice to test new features with your own data before deployment.
  • Comprehensive enterprise resource planning overview given without repeated data inputs.
  • Reduce response times by escalating or investigating issues without logging into different systems.
  • Unlimited email gateways that are auto configured with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance.
  • Live Replication of all data with daily incremental backups ensures your data is never lost.
  • Manage core business assets from a central place, while updating the original data sources.

Odoo is Flexible & Evolving

It will work for you. Now and into the future.

Multitudinous Modules

Odoo is the ERP system with accessible tools designed for most applications, and for all users, so your business can minimize redundancy and streamline workflows. You use many different software systems and applications in combination on a daily basis, and every user in every department has their own combination preference. There are hundreds of Odoo modules offered including the basic foundations of any company;
  • All-inclusive platform with Sales, Operations, Productivity, and even Website Builder modules.
  • Manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, claims, schedule meetings with CRM modules.
  • Forecast needs and resources, Gantt Chart, deadline calendar with Project Management modules.
  • Create reoccurring invoice, track drafts, bill timesheets, manage contracts with Invoicing modules.
  • Manage multiple locations, stock points, delivery orders, replenishments with Warehouse modules.
  • Account for receivables, payables, control supplier bills, easy reconciliation with Accounting modules.

Odoo Modules for Every Need

Apps that build great user experience to boost your success rate.

Sales Modules

Boost your success rate with Odoo sales using real-time sales analysis for total value of quotation and sales order, or analysis of sales team over time for both product category and customer group. Some of the modules in sales include CRM, Invoicing, Point of Sale, Subscriptions, e-Signature, and Rental.

  • Quotation software with eSignature and online payment with automated templates and complete records.
  • Accurate forecasts with actionable data for real-time overview CRM keeps you connected to your customers.
  • Quotations can easily become invoices with status overviews and automatic transaction records for sales analysis.
  • Point of Sale compatible with any hardware and automatic inventory integration for productivity online or off.
  • Subscriptions management for recurring billing and sales tasks management to forecast future business potential.
  • eSignature allows for support at every level of organization with secure identification and document integrity.
  • Rental software from quotations to invoices and from deliver to return managed from a single professional platform.

Operations Modules

Operations is about efficiency and collaboration between departments such as Accounting, Project Management, Human Resources, Inventory, Purchasing, and more. In every industry, from manufacturing to service the company must be able to handle every operational process from the help desk to field service.

  • Bank synchronization with clear dynamic statements and automatically recorded transactions for easy reconciliation.
  • AI accounting using image and metadata recognition to simplify the workflow with extreme accuracy automation.
  • Modern interface for project management allows users to conceptualize visual information to forecast needs and resources.
  • Human Resources is a compendium of comprehensive modules; Referral, Recruitment, Employees, Expenses, Appraisals, and more.
  • Warehouse efficiency with improved performance, process time, and traceability, and with fully automated replenishments.
  • Manage suppliers and purchase orders with automated purchasing workflow, supplier price lists, and product availabilities.
  • Manufacturing MRP, PLM to track time display worksheets, register production, integrate quality checks, and report KPI’s.
  • Maintenance software for precise maintenance scheduling with dashboard statistics to optimize performance.

Productivity Modules

The best tools make the most productive users. Odoo declares that Great Tools = Happy People, and we at Skytizens completely agree. Odoo productivity tools are diverse and powerful from Communication, Marketing, to Timesheet, Survey, Approvals, Appointments, and Planning. They have also included an integrated Spreadsheet and Documents module.

  • Engage with colleagues and customers in live chat from any device with options for private channels, groups, and notifications.
  • Track time and forecast needs and resources, even while offline, for individual and team productivity to timely invoice clients.
  • Manage social media, web notifications, and live chat while also planning, monitoring, and analyzing all accounts in one place.
  • Marketing with segmented database for amazing campaign builds and advanced features to track links and calculate ROI.
  • Automate much more than email campaigns with an efficient automated lead management system that is SMS compatible.
  • Appealing surveys easily designed, tested, shared, collected, and analyzed with live sessions for immediate results benefits.
  • Automated workflow actions for request, notification, and final approval validated or declined immediately.
  • Customize appointment forms to prepare and provide professional service with automatic rescheduling reducing no-shows.
  • Internet of Things connectivity with easy setup to integrate tools, cameras, and switches flawlessly into the business process.

State of the Art Services

Solutions… A click away.

Website Builder

No need to know code. Just drag and drop business features to get an out-of-the box website. Web features such as eCommerce, customer portal, events, and blog can be added as your organization grows.  Extend the website with hundreds of Odoo addon modules. Easily build a website that automatically adjusts to your brand and style guidelines. Branding is critical for business success and Odoo provides you tools to easily achieve branding needs.

  • eCommerce is integrated with inventory and sales easily maintained via automatic stock adjustments and reporting.
  • Dedicated customer portals keep customer data organized with order tracking, claims, invoices, and pending shipments.
  • Blogs and news stories are developed on the front end and designed to share easily on any device with smart call-to-actions.
  • Forums encourage collaboration and allow anticipation of customer needs while driving relevant traffic to your website.
  • Events can be organized, published, and promoted for both on-site and online promotions with full integration of other apps.
  • Answer customers questions in real time with live-chat direct through your website accessible from within any module.
  • eLearning driven with active assessments and certifications with progress engagement metrics all on a beautiful user interface.

Odoo vs. MS Dynamics

A features comparison of ten categories including Sales, CRM, Accounting, Marketing, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Services, HR, and Usability between Odoo and MS Dynamics show a consistent advantage to adopting the Odoo ERP platform. This is especially true for growing companies that are looking for scalability with an ease-of-entry software solution without the need for complexity of task with high level overhead. These growing companies can add new features as the business expands and develops. The flexible and modular approach gives the business the necessary liberty to adapt to change quickly.

Odoo’s highly modular solution allows growing businesses to start with a few apps and to adopt more as their needs change and evolve. Each business function is carried out by a dedicated application because your needs will never stop fluctuating, especially in a growing company. These powerful and dynamic solutions are now available so your business needs can be met not only today, but also met for your business in the future. Planning for long term success with an easily adaptable software solution is the correct decision in the long-term evolution of your business.

ERP Comparison White Paper

Amazing experience, everywhere, every time.

Odoo is used by businesses of every sizes in every industry, by every kind of user with the best results every time. Odoo can integrate with other systems, including payment processors and external shipping systems, such as those of Amazon, eBay, UPS, FedEx and QuickBooks. Use the Odoo ERP to its full potential by combining the front-end and back-end tools to helps interconnect a fully-integrated experience from application to application. Users can automate processes instead of using manual inputs across multiple applications.

  • e-Commerce ready with shopping carts combined with backend drafts of quotations or sales orders integrations.
  • Direct Messaging with collaborative push communications in all systems with real time updates and responses.
  • Functional user interface can be applied to mobile applications with flexibility for information fields capture.
  • Framework to fit organizations specific needs naturally incorporates streamlining modular enhancements.
  • Adaptable and configurable for enhanced workflow needs and scalable as business or user demands increase.

Integration with Alfresco+Joget

Take advantage of the Enterprise Resource Platform integrations of Alfresco + Joget with Odoo to reduce complexity while retaining the ability to connect data and content. Alfresco + Joget with Odoo is more than a communicative connection between systems with real-time responding. It is a bi-directional data interaction system with unlimited task assignment for tremendous capabilities. The capabilities of this proven integration solution are best shown with the grouping and configuration of the most relevant modules available.

Odoo Demonstration Video

Watch this demo video of the Alfresco + Joget with Odoo in action, and see the end-user experience with complete integration. This example uses a sales request invoice to show how the workflow begins and documentation is transferred and maintained in Alfresco+Joget, directly from the Odoo ERP.

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