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Workflow & Document Management
ISO Compliance: 9001, 14001, 22000, 50001, 18001, etc.

A crucial aspect of ISO compliance is the ability to ensure that no part of the ISO process has been misrepresented and that quality and compliance has been properly documented. Alfresco ISO compliance is an assurance that a company operates under the full regulation of ISO and doing so increases a company’s international marketability, customer satisfaction, attractiveness to investors, and reduces liability risk because all parties are reassured with authority operational excellence.

ISO Management System Standards Require Document Control

It is highly likely that your organization will be required to document some of your processes and procedures in order to maintain consistency between employees in your ISO management system. While some ISO systems don’t require that you have documented procedures there are some documents that still must be controlled. Alfresco ISO document management ensures:

  • Documentation; every single detail of the process is recorded and organized into the correct formatting for ISO paperwork
  • Up-to-date; record maintenance including archiving old reports and notifications for updates
  • Audits made easy; auditors can access reports and high-quality documentation for review
  • Compliance; every single detail of the process is recorded and organized into the correct formatting for ISO paperwork

ISO Systems Require Eight Key Elements to Properly Control Documentation

Alfresco Document Management by Skytizens allows simplified and streamlined imaging, filing, storing, retrieving, and distributing processes of both paper and electronic documents in a single solution by granting access to information only to related authorized persons.

ISO document declared as ORIGINAL APPROVED document before distribution, with main ISO properties, such us: Document No, Distribution Date, Effective Date, Reviewer, Approved, etc.

Each ISO document has special indicators for easy identification, for example: ORIGINAL, ISSUED, OBSOLETE

Alfresco ISO distributed documents dashlet enables easy and quick access to distributed documents intended for a specific distribution group

Alfresco ISO Process Management DAR

The Alfresco ISO Process Management DAR is the quality management software solution that handles Document Action Requests (DAR) for ISO processes. This DAR specific application takes care of document control processes and automated compliance with the transparency and efficiency required of a first-class compliance application.

  • Automatic compliance; rest easy knowing your ISO documentation is audit-ready
  • Transparency; workflow monitoring available in real time
  • Flexibility; supports variable ISO standards (ISO 9001, 14001, etc.)
  • Follow up; audits made easy thanks to transparency and real time business reports
  • Efficient; this addon takes a complicated process and makes it highly organized and efficient

Each page of the document, except for the main page, should have a special headline and corresponding stamps

Importance of Alfresco process management DAR

Documentation control is a management specialty that concentrates on getting the most accurate information to the people who need it to do their job properly. If the information is important enough to be recorded then it is important enough to be controlled. Benefits of the Skytizens ISO Document Control system include:

  • Completely digital; no need to sort through reference manuals, every step of the ISO process recorded and available
  • Proper approvals; nothing moves forward without official approvals and e-signatures based on your company’s organizational chart and given titles
  • Strict control; keep track and monitor changes of every ISO document easily online
  • Reduced time; streamlined digital workflows and mean less time spent on paper
  • Efficiency; take care of DAR processes quickly and easily without confusion

Ultra-precise and fully customized ISO documents search using custom-built query. You can easy build your custom search query, save and search for later usage

Exclusive Features for Our Customers

No more stamping hard copy ISO documents to track down later. Store and distribute your DAR files from one centralized location. With this electronic system, control is back in your hands.

  • DAR Document Master List Report; all DAR documents list in the entire system
  • DAR Status Log Report; a record of all user interaction with distributed DAR material
  • DAR Broad Distribution Document Report; a record of all BDR uncontrolled documents
  • DAR Print Controller Document Report; a record of all Print Document Request
  • ISO Reports – ISO reports are generated by utilizing the Alfresco Business Report module and are located in the ISO site
  • Version Control; automatic version control for all updated documents
  • Stamps; add different document stamps i.e., confidential, strict
  • Organizational Chart; has the ability to create Organization Units Roles and assign Users to OU by selecting a Role
  • Real-Time ISO Workflow Management; Up-to-the-minute, transparent access to workflow processes for supervisors who monitor and push work along
  • Custom Document Numbering; flexible and fully customized
  • ISO Configuration; ISO configuration page, includes: company areas, all required document types and dynamic approval rules
  • Auto Page Generator; automatically generate: Cover Page, History of Changes, Distribution List and add header to attachments and forms (supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Dynamic Watermark; in case of confidential documents, apply dynamic watermark
  • Electronic Signature; will apply user electronic signature automatically
  • Out of office; delegation role feature in case of user is not available
  • Reader User; role designated as “read-only” mode for all controlled documents from Distribution List only
  • ISO Search; advanced search with ability to create and save custom searches
  • Email or SMS Notifications; email and SMS notifications for user about process of documents
  • Import Old Documents; ability to import old documents

Version Control – automatic version control for all updated documents

Automatically generated cover page stamped and electronically signed


The Alfresco ISO Process Management DAR addon is a business solution that handles a spectrum of ISO compliance related to DAR. It moves Document Action Requests (DAR) into a fully-electronic system and eliminates the hassles associated with the manual process.

First, it handles all workflow types necessary. If you need a new document, just start the New Document Request (NDR) and you have begun the process. There is no need for paperwork. When you want to change a document or an auditor finds non- conforming details, simply start an Edit Document Request (EDR). Once the EDR process begins and the old version becomes obsolete, the system automatically sends a Return Document Request (RDR) of hard copy documents to avoid risk factors related to outdated information. Due to updates in wording standard or department closures, some documents become obsolete without having an immediate replacement. To record this in the system manually, just begin a Cancel Document Request (CDR) workflow. In case you forget to distribute the document to specific distribution groups, don’t worry, you can always run a process called Change Distribution List (CDL).

For staff in the field, you have the ability to approve hard copy distribution using a Print Document Request (PDR). This feature keeps track of who the document is issued to and requires that the document be returned for security reasons. Finally, there is a Broad Distribution Document Request (BDR) which authorizes a document for uncontrolled distribution to an employee without requiring that it gets returned. Alfresco will generate a copy of this document as a PDF and send it to the user with a stamp reading “UNCONTROLLED”. The employee is able to take the material off premises and view as it suits them. Whichever processes are started, the system provides monitoring tools so that your company’s productivity doesn’t lag due to paperwork.

The addon dynamically generates pages so that your documents are compliant. This feature includes creating a cover page with proper usage of ISO stamps and integration with an electronic signature function. A distribution list and a complete history of changes are also added to each document. Additionally, footers and special indicators detailing process and document type can be applied. The addon organizes ISO documents in the library according to your company’s configuration. This includes designating a naming policy, folder path structure, and auto numbers documents for workflow uniformity. The library keeps files organized clearly by version. Originals have proper stamps saying “Original APPROVED” while issued documents are marked as “COPY”, “ISSUED”, “UNCONTROLLED” OR “CONTROLLED” based on how they were distributed. Access to these ISO documents is strictly controlled according to standardized procedures, broken down by system Roles related to Request Group, Document Types, Roles and Document Description.

Email notifications for every document approval process with instant status of scheduled approval

ISO requires management and control of a wide variety of documents, forms, attachments, and records specific to each job, this can now be done as easily as clicking and monitoring

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ISO Document Control and Process Management FAQs

Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Why do we need document control?2020-11-05T13:17:20+07:00

Document control is essential to information security and also for helping define the access rules for documents, but more importantly in terms of ISO it dictates the policy and procedure for planning and execution of document approval, review, and distribution.


What is ISO 9001?2020-11-04T17:39:16+07:00

ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is the only standard in the family that can be certified to. It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity

What is an uncontrolled document?2020-11-05T13:07:40+07:00

A document that was removed from or never part of the controlled document system is considered an uncontrolled document. It may not be used to provide service direction or information necessary for the performance of service.

What does DAR denote?2020-11-05T13:28:49+07:00

DAR is an acronym for Document Action Request and is used to denote many forms of document requests including New Document, Edit Document, Return Document, and Cancel Document Requests, as well as others.

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