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What We Can Do For You

At Skytizens we take pride in providing our clients with the systems structures needed to meet their diverse needs. Our experienced team is ready to help transform the organizational processes and content management of your organization using specifically designed innovative software solutions. With over 15 years’ experience and thousands of successful program implementations with enterprise level corporations, we can say with confidence that you can depend on us.
Does Skytizens provide live, personal support on demand?2020-08-31T18:57:29+07:00

Skytizens offers the best support around. Period. You can be confident you will receive the highest level professional support starting with your system design and continuing through to delivery, training, implementation and integrations, and for the entire life of service. We are available in person, online, and by phone 9:00 – 18:00 Monday through Friday for standard customer service, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for exceptional client support.

Can the system support digital signature?2020-08-24T10:37:57+07:00

Absolutely. Not only can the system support digital signature, Alfresco authorization solutions mirror your company’s permission policies within the computer system. Authorization addons dealing directly with company hierarchy are important for workflow and with addons like Alfresco Electronic Signature and Alfresco Digital Signature you can be sure of the authenticity of the document and signer.

Does the system support an ISO solution?2020-09-16T15:43:09+07:00

The Alfresco ISO technology solutions manage your company’s regulatory documents, records, and forms, as well as reports of ISO activities. The Document Management Software and ISO Process Management Software have been combined to allow documentation access, permissions, and record keeping at a single-point. Be confident that you are in compliance with ISO regulations and have the lowest possible liability with Alfresco ISO technology solutions.

What can the system do?2020-08-24T11:56:51+07:00

Skytizens, using Alfresco’s diverse capabilities, designs systems to suit clients specific needs. The Alfresco ECM combined with Skytizens Professional edition, you can manage and define content types and the metadata attributes associated, build workflow systems that enforce critical business processes in elaborate systems, collaborate with users anywhere and connect information, content, and documents from everywhere. With these innovative process and content management systems connecting, managing and protecting your enterprise’s most important information, the question isn’t what can the system do, but what can’t it do.

Is Alfresco implemented in Cloud?2020-08-28T11:39:49+07:00

Alfresco has the capability to be implemented in the cloud, however it is just as powerful when implemented on-premises, or as a hybrid, whichever best fits your requirements. Some advantages of in cloud implementation include reduced total cost of ownership and accelerated time to value, however a major disadvantage is reliable fast internet connectivity. Please contact us for a best solutions system analysis by our experienced team.

Can our system search for specific content?2020-08-24T10:11:38+07:00

Alfresco automatically generates and deploys advanced search features each time a custom document model is created. Advanced searching saves your company time and money by executing custom search features. The options deploy immediately so there is no lag between creation and searchability. Stay on the cutting edge of business technology where users can search every single document in the library with addons like Alfresco Custom Model Manager.

How much does a Skytizens solution cost?2020-09-01T17:40:49+07:00

The solutions by Skytizens, specifically the Professional version, are affordable for organizations of every size and type, from smaller, original startups to extensive, complex enterprise level businesses. Our rates are straightforward with one flat fee for unlimited users and unlimited content management. That means there are no additional per-page upload fees or additional per user fees ever. Every Alfresco package comes standard with a complete feature set and the Alfresco platform is designed to be customizable and scalable for your goals, timeline, and budget.

Can Alfresco integrate with other systems or SAP?2020-08-28T11:26:33+07:00

Alfresco can seamlessly integrate with most systems, and in the case of SAP, can replicate metadata by default, has extendable integrated framework, and supports single sign-on, clustering, and HTTPS. For your specific system integration please contact us for more details.

To what degree can the Skytizens system be customized?2020-09-01T17:33:31+07:00

At Skytizens we can build and deliver a platform or application headlining the features specific to your needs. All our services offer a wide variety of integration, deployment, and configuration options and we also offer low-code solutions if you would prefer to build your own customized applications.