New Project Kick-off with SENA Development Pcl.

Providing exclusive solution for SENA Skytizens launches a new project with SENA Development Pcl. on mission to boost ECM efficiency, taking business to the next level. A grand step forward With the vision of devoting their knowledge and experience to develop properties and service customers by running their

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Alfresco Integration with SSO system

Pain Point in Large Organization It’s well known that many of the world’s largest corporates need to operate with several programs and platforms, be it accounting software, customer relation management platformม etc. On the one hand, utilizing many programs is convenient, but on the other hand that strategy is always backfire as losing

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Commencing phase 2 on the project with DTI

"Defence Technology Institute" project enter phase 2 Our recent project document management enhancing program with Defence Technology Institute (Public Organization) (DTI), under the oversight of the Thai Ministry of Defence, is now on phase 2. Progression on the project with "Defence Technology Institute" This cooperation cannot begin without

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SkySCAN: Web-based Scanning with Data Entry

SkySCAN: Web-based Scanning with Data Entry SkySCAN is a cutting-edge feature developed by Skytizens capable of directly scan documents to your server and edit their properties, all within its own platform. What is SkySCAN? Music: « Slow Motion » from SkySCAN is one of Alfresco add-ons

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Alfresco Expense Reimbursement: The Future is Here

Alfresco Expense Reimbursement : The Future is Here Skytizens has just debut their latest application: Alfresco Expense Reimbursement. The automation DMS software that will get rid of your troubles in reimbursement process. Ultimate Solution for Paperworks Music: « Memories » from Alfresco Expense Reimbursement, the latest application developed

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New Project Kickoff with True Corporation

New Project Kickoff with True Corporation True Corporation, a telecommunications operator, has continued to entrust Skytizens with enhancing the potential of large-scale digital document management systems to make operations more sharp, efficient, smooth, and secure. A new wave of amazing projects has begun True Corporation has entrusted Skytizens

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Kick-off The Viriyah Insurance Public Company limited with Alfresco API Server

Kick-off The Viriyah Insurance Public Company limited with Alfresco API Server Skytizens, we have some exciting news to share with you. Concerning the significant partnership with The Viriyah Insurance Public Company limited. We've implemented a new and efficient document management system that makes processing your documents a breeze. You just have trust in

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Project Kick-Off at the Defence Technology Institute

A unique solution join up with "Defence Technology Institute" Defence Technology Institute is now collaborating with Skytizens on the development of a solution system. Project management and advanced documentation skills will be upgraded to be methodical and effective. Project and Document Management System has undergone significant changes Skytizens

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Sathon Thani Training on Exclusive Features

Advanced clever solutions will help you make the most of your workspace. Employees of Sathorn Thani Management Service Co., Ltd received training from Skytizens on how to use a sophisticated document management system based on Alfresco, as well as a system solution that helps identify and recognize characters on intelligent document OCR.

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Sathorn Thani Training Completed for Admin

Admin Performance Enhanced for Sathorn Thani Skytizens recently started the admin training of Alfresco professionals for Sathorn Thani Management Service Co., Ltd (STMS) with insight into Enterprise Content Management. Admin Training Enhances Digital Workspace Skytizens is happy to announce that Sathorn Thani Management Service Co., Ltd. has trusted

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