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The Need for Digital Transformative Business Models Post Covid

The Need for Digital Transformative Business Models Post Covid As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted business worldwide, organizations quickly adapted their business models to suit the new standard operating procedures. Most organizations already scaling up were now required to accelerate their digital business transformation, and those behind the trend developing across all enterprises and

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Quality is No Mistake; Accurate Process Quality Control Management

Quality is No Mistake; Accurate Process Quality Control Management Correctly chosen and effectively implemented Process Quality Management System (QMS) automation has enormous potential to improve not just your product or service, but the entire process; from initial design to end consumer. It will ease the burden of everyday duties with better organization and

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6 Ways Purchase Order Workflow Applications Benefit Business

Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solution applications increase the financial supervisory capabilities and allow overview visualization of history and current events in real time. This is especially helpful with purchase orders so to keep and maintain accurate complete and financial records. There is really nothing worse in business than not being able to account

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Proper Information Governance Solves Record Management Challenges

There is not one single Information Technology process, software, or service that justifies a technology use adoption value proposition; there are only the synergistic and symbiotic combinations of all processes, softwares, and services within segments of Enterprise Content Management Systems. This can be seen clearly in many management solutions but with Information Governance and

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Information Security Depends on Controlled Access

Information Security Depends on Controlled Access Access control is the basic concept of securing information through the regulation of access to files, records, folders, and entire categories of data for individual users or groups. The precise level of control company wide can be designed as a blanket structure or in a granular structure which

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The Legal Environment of Business is Now Electronic

The Legal Environment of Business is Now Electronic Business success is managed risk balanced precariously on a point of infinite scenarios with huge financial, regulatory, and reputation penalties on all sides. Your business success depends on continuously manifesting the best case scenario in every eventuality. There are no absolutes in risk management, only best

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Intelligence and Analytics Brighten the Business Roadmap

Driving in the Dark: Roadmap to Intelligent Analytics A great business intelligence and analytics system provides an organization the most effective knowledge and critical insights in real-time, based on contextualized reasoning. A great business intelligence and analytics system is the only way to make immediate, smart, agile decisions in all aspects of your

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Document Automation for the Win -Win

Document Automation for the Win - Win - Win Document automation streamlines tasks using powerful advanced artificial intelligence solutions that automatically compare documents, recognize content, and sort information based on conditions or classifications. There are many initial paths to Digital Transformation which every organization can implement, but none is more widely received, adopted,

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ECM Content Migration in Zero Easy Steps

ECM Content Migration in Zero Easy Steps (But Eight Complex Actions) ECM Content Migration is a complex, serious subject concerning your organizations most valuable, vital, and critical data, making it a real issue with real consequences if done carelessly. The current advancement of technology systems and applications require that

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3 Focus Areas of Compliance to Ensure Records are Assets

Ensure Records are Assets with Focused Compliance. Regulatory compliance starts where it ends; Records. A business that is required to meet any kind of regulatory standards (every business) must have a good records management policy and process in place, preferably embedded within their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Regulatory Compliance is often narrated

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