About Skytizens

Skytizens is a group of tech innovators with over 15 years of experience in document management, content management, business process management, and search engine solutions. We assembled our team in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014. Together, we have immersed ourselves in the Alfresco ECM platform. We have become worldwide leaders in Enterprise Management Systems software development. We use our experience to develop sophisticated custom software products for Asia’s business community.

Project Kick-Off at the Defence Technology Institute

A unique solution join up with "Defence Technology Institute" Defence Technology Institute is now collaborating with Skytizens on the development of a solution system. Project management and advanced documentation skills will be upgraded to be methodical and effective. Project and Document Management System has undergone significant changes Skytizens

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Sathon Thani Training on Exclusive Features

Advanced clever solutions will help you make the most of your workspace. Employees of Sathorn Thani Management Service Co., Ltd received training from Skytizens on how to use a sophisticated document management system based on Alfresco, as well as a system solution that helps identify and recognize characters on intelligent document OCR.

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Sathorn Thani Training Completed for Admin

Admin Performance Enhanced for Sathorn Thani Skytizens recently started the admin training of Alfresco professionals for Sathorn Thani Management Service Co., Ltd (STMS) with insight into Enterprise Content Management. Admin Training Enhances Digital Workspace Skytizens is happy to announce that Sathorn Thani Management Service Co., Ltd. has trusted

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Denso Project Kick-off

Amazing New Journey with Denso (Thailand) Co., LTD. Denso Thailand and Skytiznes officially launch a new document and process management solutions with our Alfresco Workflow Services. New Digitalization Process for Denso Skytizens is happy to inform you that Denso Thailand is relying on our outstanding Alfresco ECM services. The electrical air

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Thai Nippon Steel Project Kick-off

A New Digital Transformation Trip with Thai Nippon Started Thai Nippon Steel and Skytizens officially launch a new ISO Document control system and workflow project with our unique Alfresco Workflow Services. Building Oustanding Wokflow Performance for Engineering Process. Skytizens is happy to announce that Thai Nippon Steel has

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Proper Information Governance Solves Record Management Challenges

There is not one single Information Technology process, software, or service that justifies a technology use adoption value proposition; there are only the synergistic and symbiotic combinations of all processes, softwares, and services within segments of Enterprise Content Management Systems. This can be seen clearly in many management solutions but with Information Governance and

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New Alfresco Workflow Services Feature Introduced

Alfresco Workflow Service based on Joget, a new approach for workflow development. Skytizens has developed new Alfresco addons "Alfresco Workflow Service" which allows you easy and fast workflow and complex applications developed in one place. New Design and Enhance Performance Skytizens has developed new Alfresco addons "Alfresco Workflow

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Document Management User Training for Office of Prime Minister

Document Management User Training for Office of Prime Minister Within social distancing, Skytizens has organized a remote training of the document management system for the Office of Prime Minister User best practices. Upgrade Digital Know-how Skytizens has organized the User Training for the Office of Prime Minister via

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Kickoff Isuzu Project with Custom Joget Application

Kickoff Isuzu project with Custom Joget Application Isuzu engine manufacturing co. (Thailand) ltd, a high-quality engine manufacturing, has aimed to achieve customer satisfaction by digitizing the workflow process of the powerful Joget platform provided by Skytizens and Fujitsu. Complete Digital Custom Workflow Skytizens has good news from ISUZU manufacturing

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Information Security Depends on Controlled Access

Information Security Depends on Controlled Access Access control is the basic concept of securing information through the regulation of access to files, records, folders, and entire categories of data for individual users or groups. The precise level of control company wide can be designed as a blanket structure or in a granular structure which

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