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Odoo Integration & Alfresco+Joget Functionality

The Alfresco + Joget Integration with Odoo is powerful, flexible, easily extendable and parallels the best practices of Alfresco with the many Odoo modules of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The simple and intuitive integrations boost business efficiencies with Skytizens implementation of advanced functionalities allowing your organization to maintain top performance of your Odoo ERP with the proven reliability of Alfresco + Joget.

The Odoo Total Package Solution

By integrating Odoo ERP with Alfresco using the Joget Development Platform Skytizens has combined business management processes of every kind, across diverse systems into one complete enterprise system. All activity cases in business needing approvals, such as sales order requests, purchase orders, inventory, accounting, and message responses can now be regularly managed when finalized into process workflows.
The total package solution includes professional document management, administrative approvals with electronic signatures, customized workflows, highest level encryption, cutting-edge automation, dynamic content organization, advanced addons, and everything else you need to function in the modern workplace. The Alfresco + Joget with Odoo integration works seamlessly together to build an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) environment that extends beyond requests to case management approval and can be customized and scaled as your business grows.

Many Available Modules

Businesses use many different software systems and applications in combination on a daily basis, and every user in every department has their own combination preference. Odoo is the ERP system Skytizens offers for integration with Alfresco+Joget with accessible tools designed for most applications, and for all users, so your business can minimize redundancy and streamline workflows. Skytizens offers hundreds of Odoo modules including the basic foundations of any company;
  • CRM; Manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, claims, schedule meetings, etc.
  • Warehouse; Manage multiple locations, stock points, delivery orders, replenishments, etc.
  • Project Management; Forecast needs and resources, Gantt Chart, deadline calendar, etc.
  • Point of Sale; Configurable smart interface, inventory and accounting compatible, etc.
  • Invoicing; Create reoccurring invoice, track drafts, bill timesheets, manage contracts, etc.
  • Accounting; Receivables, payables, control supplier bills, easy reconciliation, etc.

Odoo Demonstration Video

Watch this demo video of the Alfresco + Joget with Odoo in action, and see the end-user experience with complete integration. This example uses an sales request invoice to show how the workflow begins and documentation is transferred and maintained in Alfresco+Joget, directly from the Odoo ERP.

Alfresco+Joget Process Connector – How does it work?

Platform Integration

Take advantage of the Enterprise Resource Platform integrations of Alfresco + Joget with Odoo to reduce complexity while retaining the ability to connect data and content. Alfresco + Joget with Odoo is more than a communicative connection between systems with real-time responding. It is a bi-directional data interaction system with unlimited task assignment for tremendous capabilities. The capabilities of this proven integration solution are best shown with the grouping and configuration of the most relevant modules available.

  • Auto-Complete; Get data from ERP system for loading data such as invoice details and document characteristics
  • Auto-Complete; Push data to ERP system for updating fields related to revised sections of system documents
  • Direct Messaging; Collaborative push communications in all systems with real time updates and responses
  • Module Integration; Modules primarily designed to work together as well as between various systems
  • Workflow Integration; Odoo details shared through the Joget platform to Alfresco and vise-versa

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Cover Page Generator

Complete cover page generator automatically creates unique single antecedent document for quick viewing of request and approval history. Odoo integration with Alfresco+Joget automatic cover page can be used with multiple document workflows and reports showing comments, name and station of approver, and complete with e-Signature and/or digital signature there is no uncertainty that the process was done right. Easily referenced first so business managers can be immediately assured that the case activities and associated documents have the required approvals and can move forward in the process.

  • Antecedent Document; Unique read-view summary of request and approval history shown first in workflow file
  • Automatic Generation; Requires no additional input from user to be generated, saves managers time
  • Reference Document; Designed for quick reference, not intended to be added to workflow print files
  • Complete Page; Cover page includes all relevant information needed to assure workflow process was followed
  • Full Case Capable; Multiple documents within a case can all be reviewed on single unique cover page

End-to-End Integration

Use the Odoo ERP to its full potential with Alfresco + Joget by combining the front-end and back-end integration tools. The seamless structure of Alfresco + Joget with Odoo helps businesses interconnect to provide a fully-integrated experience from application to application, and just as importantly interconnect within the application itself. Users can automate processes instead of using manual inputs across multiple applications. Users keep functions in one place and by facilitating collaboration with other departments can utilize the end-to-end integration of the system.

  • Combination; e-Commerce ready with shopping carts combined with backend drafts of quotations or sales orders
  • Functional; Functional user interface can be applied to mobile applications with flexibility for information fields capture
  • Modular; Framework to fit organizations specific needs naturally incorporates streamlining enhancements
  • Customizable; Adaptable and configurable for enhanced workflow needs and scalable as business or user demands increase
  • Direct; Applications work directly with each other and all completed documents download as PDF files instantly to Alfresco

Alfresco Solutions Business Clients

Organizations of all sizes and industries have benefited from Skytizens and Alfresco solutions

Alfresco + Joget with Odoo Integration FAQs

Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

What is an Enterprise Resource Planning approval process?2021-02-01T13:34:19+07:00

All activity cases in an organization need to be formally approved before it can become a workflow. Budgets, purchase orders, warehousing, accounting, invoices, and many other work items begin as an ERP process needing an approval.

Is the ERP approval process tracked?2021-02-01T17:00:43+07:00

Managers can be immediately assured that the case activities and associated documents have the required approvals. With an automatically created cover page report showing comments, name and station of approver, and complete with e-Signature and/or digital signature there is no uncertainty that the process was done right.

Can any Odoo module be integrated with Alfresco + Joget?2021-01-29T15:44:11+07:00

Yes, any module, feature, or functionality of Odoo can be connected by Skytizens with Alfresco + Joget.

Can any ERP system be integrated with Alfresco+Joget2021-02-03T09:43:56+07:00

Yes, while Skytizens highly recommends Odoo as a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning solution, we can utilize any ERP system you prefer or already have in use.

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