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Consistent Records Management

The foundation of Information Governance is Records Management. With Alfresco Governance Services you benefit from the assurance that not only are critical records secure, maintained in compliance, and following disposition guidelines, but also accessible when needed without unnecessary expenses. With these system resource capabilities available to your organization you can be certain that your records are assets, not liabilities.

Automated Records Management

Skytizens puts records management best practices to work with Alfresco’s sophisticated automated technology that takes the records process, end-to-end, and makes it happen invisibly and automatically. Using the system is easy, with intuitive file plan development and automation so compliance is achieved with little or no additional user intervention.

  • Rule setting is straightforward and metadata directs which record declarations are sent to the file plan, while all records remain easily accessible by users with appropriate permissions
  • Business processes that use rule setting to help file, find, review, and audit records, ultimately save time and resources for administrators and users
  • File plans are configurable to give effortless control over retention schedules for review, hold, transfer, archive, disposition and destruction of records as needed
  • Records declaration is supported directly from your desktop with Desktop Sync for Alfresco Governance Services available for both Windows and MacOS

Manage In Place

Records management control is paramount to reduced business risk and confidence in compliance. With Alfresco you can manage all your records in their current locations, and gain control of content distributed across different systems. This means you control content and manage access without costly content migration.

  • Create and maintain file plans with a centralized application and apply them, along with their retention schedules consistently across legacy applications
  • Search, view, and review with customized federated searches for eDiscovery or hold requests across legacy systems and export with formatted review tools
  • Manage in place across a range of systems with connection to MS Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Google Mail, OpenText, Documentum, IBM FileNet, SAP, Salesforce, and many more
  • Connectors allow archival, manage in place, migrate on-demand, or migrate with manage in place options significantly reduce audit liabilities

Intelligent Content Migration

There are many reasons a migration may be necessary, but with Alfresco Records Management there is one less reason for anxiety about it. Manage risk with minimal effort, minimal cost, and maximum efficiency using dynamic tools, processes, and services designed for you.

  • Intelligent Content Migration verifies content and metadata file transfers on premises, to the cloud, or both
  • Various migration options to fit your needs including bulk, wave, phased, or activity on-demand
  • Gradual background on-demand migration based on user activity minimizes operations disruption
  • Automatic transfer with extensible algorithms for enriched metadata content field classifications

Alfresco Information Governance Capabilities

Alfresco offers an unrivaled combination of simplicity and control to strengthen compliance and reduce business risk. Alfresco Governance Services automates the information lifecycle from capture through retention, to final disposition of destruction or archival.

Records Management
Alfresco Records Management

Information Lifecycle Management
Alfresco Information Lifecycle Management

Security and Controlled Access
Alfresco Security and Controlled Access

Regulatory Compliance
Alfresco Regulatory Compliance

eDiscovery and Legal Holds
Alfresco eDiscovery and Legal Holds

Records Storage Management
Alfresco Records Storage Management

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Alfresco Records Management FAQs

Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Why is Records Management important?2020-09-17T10:47:56+07:00

Great Records Management is more than important, it is essential. It creates consistency and equity in the organization, ensures continuity of processes, and protects private information from inappropriate or unauthorized access thereby ensuring regulatory requirements.

What is the difference between a document and a record?2020-09-10T10:55:48+07:00
A document is information that can, and should, continually be revised and changed to suit the needs of an organization. A record is evidence of an event and should not be altered, and often legally must not be altered.
What are the differences between a DoD 5015 and a standard Record Management site?2020-09-14T16:34:25+07:00

Records on a DoD 5015.2 site have additional mandatory metadata that must be completed. Mandatory metadata includes the originator, the originating organization, the publication date, and the recorded destruction action. When you create a Records Management site you can choose to create a DoD 5015.2 site, a MoReq2 site, or a standard site.

How does Information Governance differ from Records Management?2020-09-17T09:27:03+07:00

Information Governance encompasses Records Management as well as other information issues such as Information Lifecycle Management, data security, and eDiscovery.

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