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Process Management Optimized

Organizations of every size, in every industry are modernizing their systems and processes in unprecedented global transformations. The Alfresco Process Management solution by Skytizens is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) system custom designed to fit with your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. We make it flexible and scalable enough to perform perfectly in a wide variety of complex, demanding processes so you can focus on results.

Business Users Empowered

Skytizens and Alfresco makes it easy to direct content in a manner that suits the best processes of the organization. Business users of every level can quickly modify business process management, drive continuous improvements, and speed up the application activities they are developing.

  • The latest Alfresco business process management modeling tools let users simplify and accelerate application assembly with reusable forms and processes
  • Visually intuitive tools allow non-technical users to create, arrange, and adapt end-to-end process mappings
  • Content rich workflows using shared information built on multiple approval tasks
  • Collaborative, human centered Alfresco processes and flexible issue resolution

Process and Content Intelligence

The synergistic effects of good Alfresco Enterprise Content Management combined with good Alfresco Business Process Management enables faster, smarter decision making. Business intelligence is only as good as your ability to apply it. With Skytizens and Alfresco solutions delivered uniformly and tightly integrated into your organization, you are able to create content rich streamlined processes.

  • Rules can be used to start and automatically move content through a process flow with powerful metadata models
  • Increase productivity with smooth integration of productivity and line-of-business applications that present content in context
  • Alfresco processes are no longer limited to the boundaries of the enterprise with mobile and web access

Integrated Automation

The Alfresco Business Process Management solution by Skytizens enables intelligent, highly optimized regulation compliant processes allowing world-class levels of service. Integrated intelligent automation will deliver the capabilities to handle the most challenging business processes.

  • Strengthen process compliance with a clear audit trail of automatically generated review documents
  • Eliminate repetitive manual steps with configured business rules and corresponding decision tables triggering automated processes
  • Increase process efficiency and performance with insights provided by focused analytics, reporting and flow charts

Powerful Task Management

Alfresco solutions are adjustable enough to fit any operational process needs, regardless of size or scope and designed durable enough to handle the largest processes while still being agile enough to avoid flow congestion. A process is only as efficient as it’s slowest point, and great Business Process Management constantly eliminates that slowest point.

  • Simple end-user interface to create tasks, receive notifications, and review status of open cases
  • Users assign tasks and subtasks accordingly, allowing execution of non standard tasks
  • Alfresco task inboxes allow model processes to be applied to a wide range of scenarios

Business Process Model and Notation

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) visually represents the flow of a specific process in a graphical notation flow chart. BPMN provides readily understandable information to all stakeholders, regardless of technical proficiency. With Alfresco Business Process Management, complex processes can be visualized in sequence and because it is easily understood inter-department communication can be synchronized in common language.

  • Create process definitions and arrange components with drag and drop using the BPMN editor
  • Collaborate across departments and knowledge groups to map and design notation and underlying constructs
  • Quickly and efficiently illustrate and communicate complex business processes sequences

Alfresco Content Management Capabilities

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Process Management FAQs

Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Why is Business Process Management (BPM) important to my organization?2020-09-30T13:11:46+07:00

Business Process Management takes your organizational workflows and incorporates them into a system wide process model, creating the framework which will guide your business outcomes. This model, whether in notation form or general outline, will help control and direct the process consistently and efficiently throughout it’s lifecycle.

Which businesses most commonly use Process Management?2020-09-17T17:22:21+07:00

BPM was traditionally applied in a ranked structure with a moderately small number of users defining the process and how it would be implemented. Most organizations under-utilized Process Management for strategic decisions due to cost and complexity, but with Skytizens Process Management solutions you can easily and cost effectively use this system with any process, regardless of size or scope.

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?2020-09-17T17:23:36+07:00

Business Process Management (BPM) is the professional act of managing organizational processes. Alfresco Process Management is a system of tools designed to assist professionals in the design, modeling, and execution of this management. And, Skytizens customizes this system to fit your needs.

What is BPMN 2.0 and how is it best utilized?2020-09-17T17:25:06+07:00

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) visually represents the flow of a specific process in a graphical notation flow chart. The 2.0.2 version is the most current notation standard and has been designed to provide readily understandable information to all stakeholders, regardless of technical proficiency.

Is Process Management another term for workflow?2020-09-01T18:23:19+07:00

The short answer is no. Workflow is most often a document based process completed by human users, while Process Management encompasses multiple workflows and systems within a set of well-defined objectives.

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