Document Scanning and Capture Addons

Skytizens years of experience and expertise in Document Scanning and Capture software development can be seen in these ready built addons. Alfresco scanning and capture addon solutions automate the process of data entry, allowing your organization to take forms processing to the next level. Save countless employee hours, increase information accuracy, ensure structure in large systems, all while having a system that remains flexible enough to “read” complex text, code, and even handwritten data.


Alfresco ABBYY OCR Integration

Get world-class OCR software results without overspending. The best solution for data capture needs is Alfresco ABBYY Cloud from Skytizens; everything included except the inflated price.

Alfresco ABBYY Cloud, previously only accessible to enterprise level clients and imaging specialists, is now available to organizations of all sizes thanks to Skytizens innovative addons. Your organization can take advantage of Skytizens services with Alfresco ABBYY OCR Cloud to utilize incredibly fast, professional OCR technology.

Featuring over 180 languages, barcode recognition, handwriting recognition, and image-to-text conversions, the Alfresco ABBYY OCR Cloud addon lets smaller companies compete with the biggest players when it comes to machine reading. Regardless of organizational size you keep your competitive advantage by eliminating tiresome manual data entry and

Just because a company is smaller doesn’t mean they have to do manual data entry anymore. Having fewer employees means that each staff person’s time is extremely valuable. It’s time to take advantage of automated data capture with Alfresco ABBYY Cloud OCR.

Alfresco Web-based Scanning Solution & Data Entry

Condense the multiple stage process of document scanning and data entry into a single step and experience the process of the future.

The document scanning and data entry abilities of the SkyScan Alfresco Addon turns multiple document scanning into a simple and quick process. Save time and avoid extra software by scanning directly to your web browser from multiple locations. Select scanned pages and edit to create the custom documents needed, complete with metadata fields all combined in the same step. Alfresco web-based scanning solution addon by Skytizens brings dynamic scanning and data entry directly to your web browser.

Regardless of whether you need to pull pages from a scanner, a local computer file, or from the Alfresco document repository, Skytizens has the solution with SkyScan. Integrated OCR, automated data and metadata processing, Barcode and QR code readers for proprietary document types means reduced errors in important content data. Document scanning solutions and data entry has never been easier.

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Alfresco Document Data Capture Pro
(Zonal Template Detection)

Alfresco Document Data Capture with Zonal OCR Template Detection gives organizations the ability to electronically identify common documents, extract data, and sort data without manual entry by users.

The Alfresco Document Data Capture Pro addon gives clients everything that Lite provides but with advanced functionality. While the Lite version has optical character recognition (OCR) and can handle automated forms processing, the Pro version assigns extracted data to properties, file sorting, naming, and more. This module allows users to automatically identify the document and build smart templates, focus on important data and recognize the text content, “read” scanned documents and images, convert the document’s data into real text, and assign that data as document properties in the system.

The Alfresco Document Data Capture Pro includes the ability to execute zonal optical character recognition (OCR) and data-filed extraction for smarter document processing. The zonal OCR auto-detection and data-filed extractions offers process efficiency with custom search, OCR-assisted smart templates, and integrated document input cutting down on impossibly slow manual data entry. Skytizens not only reduced zonal OCR and data-filed extraction into the Alfresco Document Content Management (DCM) system with this addon, but also developed additional features for sorting and searching data from these documents post-processing. Document Data Capture Pro was developed by Skytizens as a solution specifically for enterprise clients with high-volume OCR needs.

Alfresco Document Data Capture Lite
(Scanning & Indexing)

Alfresco Document Data Capture can automatically read your documents, extract index information, and edit properties, making manual data entry during the document intake process obsolete.

The Alfresco Data Capture Lite addon gives users the ability to automatically index documents using optical character recognition technology. The Alfresco addon developed by Skytizens can capture common information from documents and content such as invoice dates, company or individual names, embedded information in QR or barcodes, and much more. Immediately upon documents entering the system Alfresco has saved all information into the correct file properties that it belongs to. Each document going into the Document Library is immediately searchable and ready for any next steps.

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We develop solutions, continually append them to our list of addons, and offer the innovative and immediately functional benefits directly to you.

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How does a client acquire Scanning & Capture Addons from Skytizens?

Acquiring Skytizens products is a straightforward process.

Businesses must balance their document operations between paper and digital formats. Skytizens provides a balanced solution with scanning and capture, but we must first understand and classify the documents being transitioned. Once you have contacted Skytizens with your specific needs request we initiate the requirements gathering process. This process begins with system integration capabilities and focuses on clarifications of the document types, properties, and characteristics such as paper size, formats, quantity, and variations, finally focusing on holistic implementation with current internal and external systems in use. Together we document all specification requirements with detailed planning and in-depth implementation considerations.

What defines a Documents Scanning and Capture Addon price?

Addon cost is dependent on implementation complexity and time.

Alfresco Document Scanning and Capture Addon cost estimate is determined after working together on your needs with a comprehensive requirements consultation. The Alfresco Document Scanning and Capture Addon costs will depend on the initial comprehensive requirements gathering assessment, type of system in use, which Addons will be included, the internal IT services to be provided by Skytizens, and finally, the obstacles in platform integrations, framework contradictions, and component language associations. Skytizens will work diligently to balance your needs with your budget to provide a deliverable solution designed exactly as you envisioned.

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