Master Addon Prepared Solutions

Skytizens has ready built and prepared robust solutions available for many of the most essential Alfresco system upgrades. From basic dashboard site personalization options to enterprise features utilizing the most modern technologies of machine learning and neural network advancements. Skytizens has professional feature-rich, powerful, flexible, and user-friendly solutions for every aspect of enterprise content management, document management, and business process management.

A Wide Range of Services

Boost your efficiency and productivity with a range of ready solutions built entirely in-house, without contracted developers. Professional design architecture supported with Skytizens guarantee of comprehensive deployment and user training of both administrative and general users means we will meet your needs. Our solutions extend and modify existing Alfresco platform features to boost user productivity at a fraction of the cost of custom applications. With the large selection of prebuilt advantages, you choose (and pay for) only the addon feature requirements necessary. Skytizens best practices of implementation enable your organization to start the right way, whichever solution you chose.

  • Variety of applications designed and proven on multiple platforms with individualized implementations
  • Extensive and comprehensive deployment procedures for the highest technical and institutional performance
  • Personalized training experiences based on system platform, user role, and chosen addon for relevant knowledge
  • Skytizens offers dedicated teams, always available and able to work with you in the case of further requirements or updates
  • User Focused; All applications are built with the end user in mind, always containing innovative program and user interface designs

100% In-House Development


Skytizens stands apart from the competition with Alfresco’s strictly built, maintained, and evolved Java coding standards for stable and agile Document and Process Management. We are proud to develop all software addons 100% independently, without reliance on third party developers. Knowing you will never need to wait for external developers or toolset creators to deliver the next system update ensures peace of mind and confidence in always being on pace with the latest industry advances.

Durable Solutions for Enterprise

Skytizens depth of knowledge, skills, and abilities in Alfresco business management application development has led to a proven action model for engineering solutions to exact client specifications. We extend the functionality of original systems and programs with robust and durable supplementation applications created by our dedicated team, entirely in-house.

  • Impressive list of happy customers in organizations of all sizes, in all types of industries
  • Demonstrated reliability with proven design power and performance applied to complex processes
  • Improved agility and ability to move quickly through technology growth phases

Enterprise Content Management On Any Device

Skytizens solutions are based on the expertly crafted Alfresco industry standards adherence and will provide you with a range of tools to ensure your application elements are rendered on all mobile devices. Skytizens mobile visibility system is especially useful when providing screen size display options.

Impressive List of Addon Solutions Offered

Complete Innovative Secure Solutions

Document Capture & Scanning

Automatically process multimedia data extraction, entry, and sorting with accuracy and flexibility to handle even the most complex tasks.

Document & Content Security

Ensure critical data and private information remains safe and secure with advanced access, authorizations controls, and advanced audit features.

Alfresco Access Control

User ability to modify and interact to the interface as best suits needs with sets of usability and organizational permission policy features.

Alfresco Search & Indexing

Search through countless unstructured document silos with smart indexing of dissimilar file types and retrieve the exact multimedia content desired.

Content Viewers & Converters

Versatile personal preference options for individually designed interface and content display with file extensions and device systems compatibility.

Client-Server & Integrations

Multifaceted platform solutions for the most important system architecture and key integration points to give all client features requested.

Applications & Workflows

Workflow automation addons incorporate system wide process models to guide specific business outcomes with dynamic applications keeping everything operating smoothly.

Other Solutions

Our solutions are built for every imaginable issue from small specific client requests to complex industry obstacles and we offer every development direct to you.

Your Business Needs Come First

Requirements Separated into Specifics

Your business management solution goals will always be our business management solution goals, and we work very hard to meet our goals. To ensure success in requirements gathering and to give your project the best chance of complete realization we obey these best practices;

  • We don’t assume we know customer wants; we will always ask for details
  • We recommend initial business user and stakeholder involvement; we will work together
  • We make sure requirements are SMART; Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Timely
  • We define the scope of the project by consensus; we will agree together
  • We clarify points to remove ambiguity; we will ask a lot of questions
  • We create clear, concise, and thorough requirements documentation; we will collaborate
  • We avoid talking technology until requirements are fully understood; we will listen to needs
  • We confirm our requirement understanding alongside client; we will repeat back needs
  • We confirm and refine customer requirements with proof of concept; we will create confidence
  • We get explicit consent of stakeholders to begin project; we will have agreed requirements

Requirements gathering is about creating a clear, concise, and agreed upon set of system enhancements that allow us to provide exactly what the customer wants.

Your Security Is Our Priority


Sign Electronically and Digitally

Electronic and digital signatures are used to secure authorized signer intention and certified document authenticity.

Document & Content Data Encryption

Ultra-secure document encryption for files of all types and content storage encryption directly by application server.

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Saving Your Time; It’s Our Target

20% of business time is lost searching for documents

Document Search Precision

Find documents using ultra precise document search features. Always find exactly which document you want, when you need it.

Auto-Data Extraction & Document Sorting

Dedicated addons automatically extract data and use it to create folder structures, file names, and set the documents properties.

Technological Advantage is Key

The competition never sleeps

Intelligent Enterprise Document-to-Data Capture

Intelligent Enterprise Capture automates the extraction, capture, and routing of information content from system entry to end source.

Machine Learning & Real-Time Computer Vision

Automatic recognition of similarities in document types and images controlling duplication and redundancies.

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Alfresco is Popular the Whole World Over

Alfresco software powers the business processes of more than 1300 enterprise organizations in more than 190 countries worldwide, enabling more than 11 million people to realize their full work potential daily. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform provides an efficient path for users to interact with information, allowing digital operations that deliver instant services with exceptional experiences. Businesses such as Cisco, US Department of the Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pitney Bowes, and NASA, use Alfresco’s modern, enterprise level, cloud-native platform to quickly respond to threats, opportunities, and circumstances, keeping them technologically relevant and competitive.

Ready Solutions Individualized

Skytizens offers a broad spectrum of ready built Alfresco Addon modules and applications that seamlessly integrate with other technologies and systems. With our project experience and multidisciplinary team, we have been a trusted source of addon applications with individualized implementation procedures and proven deployment for many years.

  • Individualized implementation ensures the addons fit your system to your needs
  • Applications have been designed and developed to meet the highest quality software standards
  • Assured seamless addon deployment with proven operation and functionality
  • Optimized staged or global implementation into client system native IT environments


Skytizens Addon Solutions

We develop solutions, continually append them to our list of addons, and offer the innovative and immediately functional benefits directly to you.

Document Scanning & Capture
Alfresco Document Scanning & Capture

Content Security
Alfresco Content Security

Access Control
Alfresco Access Control

Alfresco Advanced Searching

Content Viewers &Transformation
Alfresco Content Viewers and Transformations

Client-Server & Integrations
Client-Server Solutions & Integrations

Applications and Workflows
Alfresco Applications and Workflows

Other Solutions - Contact Us!

Other Alfresco solutions by Skytizens

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“Skytizens ให้บริการโซลูชั่นแก่ทางสำนักงาน กสทช. อย่างเต็มรูปแบบ ทั้งการจำแนกข้อมูลอัตโนมัติ การรวบรวมข้อมูลไว้ในแหล่งเก็บข้อมูลส่วนกลาง การวิเคราะห์ข้อมูลขั้นสูง โซลูชันครบเครื่องในราคาที่ย่อมเยา ด้วยความรู้และประสบการณ์จากภาครัฐ ผนวกกับความเชี่ยวชาญในการติดตั้ง Alfresco ทั้งในเชิงการบริหารจัดการเอกสารและบันทึกข้อมูล Skytizens ได้สร้างมาตรฐานใหม่สำหรับโซลูชั่น เพื่อการควบคุมดูแลวงจรชีวิตของเอกสารที่โปร่งใส พร้อมรับการตรวจติดตามผลข้อมูลในอนาคตได้เป็นอย่างดี”

National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Kohler Thailand Alfresco ECM Enterprise Content Management Document Management Digital Business Platform Records Storage Records Management Information Governance Scan Scanning Capture OCR Optical Character Recognition ICR Intelligent Character Recognition Records Storage Warehouse Case Management

NBTC, Project Manager

How does one acquire Professional Addons from Skytizens?

Acquiring Skytizens products is a straightforward process.

Contact Skytizens with a general request for information, or a specific addon plugin solution need, and we will begin a consultation for gathering requirements, ultimately leading to an addon enhancement solution suggestion. During the initial consultation we review your system integration capabilities and then clarify your needs to ensure we only offer precisely the addon solutions you are asking for. This is a two-stage process;

1. Skytizens evaluation of your system needs and readiness

  • Infrastructure of software capabilities and document systems
  • Maturity level and pain points of processes and workflows

2. Skytizens development of a strategy to address integrations

  • Significant possible pain point identification in use cases
  • Measure business case results of each specific addon

What defines a Professional Addon project price?

Addon cost is dependent on implementation complexity and time.

A Skytizens Professional Addon Plugin cost estimate is determined after working together on your needs with a comprehensive requirements consultation. Professional Addon Plugin costs will depend on the type of system in use, which features will be included, the internal IT services to be provided by Skytizens, and finally, the obstacles in platform integrations, framework contradictions, and component language associations. Skytizens will always work diligently to balance your needs with your budget with a deliverable solution presented exactly as described.

Skytizens will work diligently to balance your needs with your budget, outlining differences between the system critical performance objectives and the perfunctory stylistic feature elements, with special considerations concerning potential obstacles in dissimilar system integrations, framework contradictions, component language associations.

Fill out the form with your project details and we’ll respond shortly

There’s never been a better time to build a successful Alfresco practice with Skytizens. The demand for the Alfresco ECM platform is growing exponentially. Our customers are constantly finding new business problems they need to solve.