Digital transformation services increase revenues, cut costs, improve security, and build new ways of organizing content and processes.

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Skytizens delivers complete Enterprise Digital Transformation with innovative solutions to control, connect, and secure your organizations most valuable information, in every form and for every requirement.

Skytizens: The Leader in Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Skytizens Enterprise Content Management system can easily be integrated into existing applications and processes using the customizable and extendable Alfresco Digital Business Platform. It is open source, user-friendly, powerful, and, with Skytizens, can fit any organizations requirements with the most affordable value to service price point of any available Enterprise Content Management system. In other words, equipped with comprehensive yet simple features provided by Skytizens means your company works better, faster, and more efficiently.

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Skytizens: Business Workflow and Document Solutions

What you require is what we develop, together. Because Skytizens, with the Alfresco development service, will always collaborates with you. As a result, we can help you choose a solution from all possible selections to best fulfill your needs. Our proven, custom developed, Alfresco automated software solutions that integrate with Joget business process management for organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, processing, completing tasks and processes, and any other business requirement gives your organization the leading edge in digital transformation.

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Skytizens: Professional Services Delivered Exactly as Requested

Skytizens has been a trusted Alfresco Services Development and Implementation Solutions expert in Thailand, Greater Asia, and Worldwide for many years. From our ample project experience in multidisciplinary business process management applications and Document Management we have gained the knowledge and wisdom for clients to place complete confidence in our abilities. As a result, hundreds of businesses dealing with the complex challenge of digital transformations to remain competitively relevant have counted on our Alfresco Services.

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Skytizens: Masterfully Designed Addon Prepared Solutions

Skytizens depth of knowledge, skills, and abilities in Alfresco business management application development has led to a proven action model for engineering solutions to exact client specifications. Boost your organizations efficiency and productivity with a range of ready solutions built entirely in-house, without contracted developers. Skytizens offers a broad spectrum of ready built Alfresco Addon modules and applications that seamlessly integrate with other technologies and systems.

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Skytizens: Define and Drive the Records Information Lifecycle

Skytizens delivers Alfresco Records Information Lifecycle solutions that are open and fully-integrated. It’s also feature the simplicity of control, automation, classification, search, and reporting that has been consistently trusted by leading organizations worldwide. Furthermore, our document management system  protect the confidentiality of corporate files and vital records with controlled access features from Alfresco. For this reason, you can be certain that business information remains secure with stable retention and has consistent maintenance with disposition guidelines. Not to mention that it will be stored in accordance with archival regulations.

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