Alfresco Benefits

What are the advantages of Alfresco?

  • The most popular, reliable and one of the best content management systems of the world
  • It allows for management of data of any format (not only document content and images) via free repository
  • Rich collaboration tools
  • It enables easy web designing for people, who are not familiar within the area of IT
  • Additional functionality to edit and manage image files
  • No license charge – due to the fact that Alfresco software is available under Open Source license, it is totally free; the eVolpe Consulting Group charges only its implementation, personnel training and system extension
  • Total freedom in software modifying to fulfil customers needs due to Open Source license
  • Dynamic development – free access to current updates and rich functionality (which is constantly being extended by Alfresco community)
  • Scalability – the system does not lose efficiency when its complexity grows
  • Compatibility with the most used operation systems like Linux or Windows
  • Full integration with popular office suites, like Microsoft Office or ThinkFree Office

Manage your content with Alfresco

  • Improve communication between your employees – with a help of numerous tools supporting team cooperation, there will never be any misunderstanding and the information flow will become more effective
  • Organise and allocate your company’s resources in an easy way – Alfresco content management will keep your employees informed about your current decisions
  • Help your personnel to schedule their meetings – the personalizable calendar with the notification system will always remind your crew about important events
  • Reuse the knowledge and experience already gained by your company – the advanced search engine of Alfresco software will enable you to find a person or a file connected to your problem
  • Manage safely all the resources of your enterprise – a secure and free repository will protect your data from access by unauthorized users
  • Be sure that your important data will not disappear in the attachments of lost e-mails or on personal storage media – Alfresco allows for safe storing of all resources in a single location
  • Provide your employees with Alfresco document content management feature – it will enable easy file creating, sharing and editing,
  • Manage the life cycle of your documents – provide your enterprise with a reliable review system for your documentation and an intuitive workflow system
  • Design your own websites – Alfresco will enable you and your employees information exchange via easy websites (webdesigning skills are not needed)
  • Manage all versions of your files and websites with Alfresco’s archiving system – it provides a free repository, which enables immediate control of the change history of any object